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Can you feel the Ninomiya biased?FEEEEEEEEL ET. xD

[1 - 13] - Stock Icon
[14 -  110] Arashi with 90% Ninomiya Kazunari xD
Wallpapers : 4 - 1 Genki, 1 Kazuki, 1 Seiji, 1 Ryuta
Friends Only Banners : 8
1 Arashi
2 Matsumoto Jun
2 Matsumiya
1 Ninomiya
1 Ohmiya [Ohkura x Ninomiya] xD

Icons preview first~

cause I love you baby, and I really really want you.Let's talk about love.Collapse )

On to the usual thing, I swear I should copy and paste these stuffs.

♫ Stock pictures are by me ♥
♫ No hotlinking, or do it at your own risk.
♫ Credit matsyujun or bokunosubete when you're using
♫ Comment is always nice ♥
♫ Enjoy them ^^

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23 September 2010 @ 12:05 am
It's the second day~I went OTT and made 90.Matsujun made some precious epic face.Couldn't help it. xD 2 hours of photoshop.Lovely~ ♥

Oh Matsujun~Collapse )


As usual~

♫ Textless are not bases
♫ Textures are credited to tiger_tutorials 
♫ When using, please credit matsyujun or bokunosubete ♥ Don't make Umi-chan cry~
♫ Comments are welcome,but not mandatory
♫ Hotlink at your own risk
♫ Don't claim as your own and thus,don't redistribute without permission ♥
♫ Enjoy!And see you next episode. ♥
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22 September 2010 @ 08:28 am
I totes did all Natsuniji's icons in a sitting last night. O.O If i manage to continue this pace,i'll do all 10 episodes in 10 days. *prays hard*

[01-10] Lionel Messihearts
[11-18] Seaside Motel (Ikuta Toma)
[19-70] Natsu no Koi ha Niji Iro ni Kagayaku


messi~toma~taiga YAY!Collapse )

Disclaimer/Notes/Stuffs xD

♪ Lionel Messi's photos are credited to messifanatic.com
♪ Seaside Motel's photobook was gotten through google searching leading straight to Mediafire,not a comm.IDK Who to credit,google or
   mediafire or my googling skill lol.
♪ Icons for Seaside Motel were done by using a tutorial by tiger_tutorials .What I did up there was just practising it. ^^
♪ Natsuniji's screencaptures are taken by myself while re-running-marathon the drama ♥

Some reminders~

♫ Please credit matsyujun [preferably] or bokunosubete [this is fine too ♥] when using
♫ I love comments,BUT it's not mandotary anyway ♥
♫ Hotlink at your own risk.
♫ Please don't claim as your own.
♫ Textles are not bases.I simply like my icons textless. xD
♫ Lastly,enjoy~! ^^
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